• Lindsay

Top 3 Tips for Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photos: Inspo & Info (Because Knowledge is Sexy!)

Valentine’s is just around the corner, and it is the perfect time for you to release your inner vintage vixen. We’re talking about boudoir photos – whether for you or for that special someone. We’ve got the three top tips for getting ready for your photoshoot, and we have the top props to help you feel fabulous through and through.

You want things that make you feel glamourous, and a vintage sofa or chair is the perfect addition to give you that sexy burlesque feel. We’ve got a whole selection of furniture ready to bring out your inner badass babe, browse our goodies HERE.

Now you’ve found the perfect photo set, let’s get the goods on how to get ready for your shoot!

Top 3 Tips for Getting Ready for Your Boudoir Session

1. Water and Sleep – Stay hydrated for the week before your shoot to get that dewy glowing skin, and a few extra hours of shut-eye will keep you sharp and energized (not to mention keep those dark under-eye circles at bay).

2. Go full Lizzo glam – Do your hair toss, check your nails, baby how you feelin’? That’s right, you’ll feel totally amazing if you get your nails done, go for a waxing, get your hair cut & styled…whatever makes you feel beautiful. Make sure to get all this done two days before your shoot so your post wax skin has a chance to settle down and lose the redness.

3. Wear what makes you feel amazing! Whether it’s your raciest lingerie or your boyfriend’s favourite team jersey, you’ll look great outside if you feel great inside first!

Check out this boudoir shoot with our Rose Quartz Chaise from Taylor Hillier Photography. The soft pink fabric is so feminine it will make you feel like the true vixen you are!

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