• Lindsay

Photography Sets & Staging

Beautiful furniture and stunning decor can really take your photography to a whole new level! We love to see joyful families perched on our gorgeous antique couches, and are so excited to be approached to create styled sets for local photographers! Even just a single settee out in a natural setting with a gang of family and friends lounging together can create an elegant and whimsical feel to photos.

Pinterest is on FIRE with couples using vintage furniture during engagement or wedding photos, and we are all in! Whether you or your clients are looking for the rustic look, a classic modern style, or a Bohemian airy vibe, these are all completely achievable with one of our gorgeous seating options paired with the right decor. I completely adore the delicately carved details in the rich chestnut brown wood of our Victorian sofa. The simple soft cream fabric is so utterly timeless, and so well suited for a bridal photo shoot. It pairs impeccably well with any bridesmaid gown colour, and the simplicity of the design draws attention and focus to the bride.

Family photo shoots take on a fairy tale quality when you add in a parlour chair to the mix. Winter is coming (#TeamStark), and I'm picturing our lovely parlour chairs in a forest of birch trees, family snuggled up together on the chairs as snowflakes gently fall all around. This is so dreamy that I think I may actually be starting to get excited for the coldest season of the year! Christmas photos this year are going to be on point!

Have a look through our seating options, our decor, and any other bits and pieces from our lovingly curated inventory. Message or email at info@rarevintagerentals.com to find out how I can help make your photos something truly memorable.

Can't wait to talk to you soon!