• Lindsay

New inventory Alert! Introducing our Whiskey Barrels

There is one thing that my hubby loves almost as much as me, and that is a fine whiskey! When we came across these old whiskey barrels, we just knew they had to come home with us. One of the three barrels still had the bung in and had the distinctive smell of the amber burning liquid. We could hear it sloshing as we rolled it home...bonus! We are working up the courage now to open up the cask and have a sip. We'll let you know if we survive.

Anyhow, say hello to these beauties ready for their grand debut! Rent two at a time, and we can add a barnwood table top over the two to create the perfect height for an outdoor bar or hors d'oeuvres table...yum!

Whiskey & Wine Barrels - Vintage Rentals
If the hint of lingering odour didn't give away what used to be the contents of the barrel, the labels on the top did!