• Lindsay

Meet Your Curator: Who Am I & How I Got Started

It’s time to meet your maker.

Ooh, did that sound really sinister? I didn’t mean it that way! Or did I…?

You’ve seen my sofas. You’ve seen my arches…you’ve seen everything but me! Let’s get acquainted!

I’m an obsessed dogmom, accidental catmom, nacho connoisseur, geology loving rockhound, and can quote more Star Wars than your average Bothan. My hunky hubs and I also love camping in our 1972 Boler caravan (yes, my camper is older than me, and yes, we travel with a tube of silicone for emergency leak repairs). I strongly support the idea than people need to spend one week every year in the woods with no contact to the outside world, just spending the day waking with the sun, cooking over the fire, reading, and sleeping when they feel tired.

I’m hopelessly devoted to my furkids, Indy & Mac. Indy is my sweet little mutt that we adopted 9 years ago, and our lives have never been the same since! She takes up the majority of our king size bed every night, loves pulling all the fluff out of her toys, and HATES the toaster. I call myself an accidental catmom because Mac wandered into our lives (literally!) out of nowhere about a year ago. I was working in my garden when this wee fluffy baby came crying into my yard and watched me for an hour. Since I live in the country I knew if I left her outside she wouldn’t survive the night with all the coyotes, so I brought her into the house and she never left! Nobody stepped up to claim her, so she has become the tiny psychopath that lives with us.

People always ask me how I got started with vintage rentals. I’ve always had a passion for vintage and antiques, so when I got married many moons ago I knew that I wanted to bring that love for all things vintage into my day. I am a DIY queen and maker extraordinaire, so I set about collecting all the décor and quickly realized that buying all the authentic vintage that I wanted was SO far out of my budget. I bought a few things, and made a few things, and figured after the wedding was over that I would sell the stuff and make some money back. Well, life gets in the way and now 5 years later I still have a box of wedding stuff that I just never had the time to take photos of and post up for sale. That’s when I knew it was time to share my love of vintage with all my other like-minded ladies!

I thought about starting this biz for a while…like, a LONG time, but I needed to work up the courage to do this with my full heart…which meant quitting my job. I was terrified! I wasn’t happy in my job, but it was safe. I knew where my heart wanted to go but I needed that push. My husband and I were travelling Scotland when we got the news that a friend had passed away, and it put EVERYTHING into perspective. I had been working up north on 10 day shifts, and I realized that there was so much more to life than for me to spend half of mine away from everyone I loved. We came back from our trip, and that month I handed in my notice. I hit the ground running and haven’t looked back!

I’ve had fun letting you behind the scenes of RARE Vintage, so how about I leave you off with two weird facts about me? Sounds good?

Weird Fact the First: I am terrified of mirrors, but only in dark rooms. I won’t go into the bathroom before I turn on the lights, and I have stayed in hotel rooms where the mirror faces the end of the bed so when you sit up you can see it. I slept with the lights on. I really can’t explain it!

Weird Fact the Second: I refuse to eat any misshapen candies. You know how sometimes you’ll get that deformed M&M in the bag? That’s a hard no. What if a bug fell into the vat and is now a candy-coated bug? Nope, nope, nope, nope, NOPE.

Now you know a bit about me, and I can’t wait to keep riding this crazy wave and loving every second of it!

Yours in vintage,