• Lindsay

Celebrate Mom with a Homemade High Tea this Mother's Day!

"Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a Mother"

Hey Ma! I put you on the internet! (She's going to hate that!)

And thank goodness for that! If I couldn't have called my mom when I needed to learn how to cook a turkey or wash a shirt that says 'dry clean only' then we would all be sitting around naked and starving like we're practicing to be contestants on the next season of Survivor (HARD no).

For all she does, and all the stuff you never realized she did until YOU started having to do it, your Mom deserves a special day of recognition (because buying socks sucks. period.). Mother's Day is on the way and we are here to help you show your mom some love with a special Afternoon Tea filled with hot drinks, tiny finger sandwiches, scrumptious dainties, and good old fashioned conversation. Invite Grandma, aunts, and sis along and you are in for a raucous afternoon of high class lunching that would make Her Majesty QE II blush (if you are in my family anyhow, maybe your troop of ladies is a bit more subdued).

Hold onto your knickers and clotted cream, 'cause we're about to get British up in here!

1. Get the Queenly Vibes Going

You think the Queen Mother eats off of Ikea plates with Walmart cutlery? Heck no, and your Mum shouldn't either!

Girl, grab those table runners, doilies, and table cloths. Things are about to get fancy. A white table cloth with a flowy cotton gauze runner in soft blue or pink would look so lovely and be spot on with the season. Add some lacy doilies for a retro touch, and don't forget the cloth napkins! A cute napkin hack is to use vintage handkerchiefs, check out your Grandpa's closet or local thrift shops. Sew on a tad of lace around the edges and you have a super glam serviette!

You want to set the mood for a luxurious brunch, so some inviting smelling fresh flowers are a lovely touch to your table and will feel oh-so Springy. Go for in-season blooms like peonies or tulips, and for bonus points colour coordinate with your table runner or china.

A cute way to welcome your guests is to tie little kraft paper tags to the handles of the tea cups, with each person's name handwritten on the tag. Have a choice of hot or cold tea ready as they walk in, and your guests can fill their handpicked custom tea cup as they head off to tell Aunt Mary about how many blossoms are popping up on their pink rose bushes.

Buckingham Palace's interior designers will be calling you for design tips in no time!

2. The Goods

Speaking of china, it's time to get out the good dishes! You know, the ones that are usually saved for Christmas? Don't have fine china? No worries! A lot of people aren't keeping two sets of dishes anymore, so we have you covered! Check out our whimsical mismatched china here. The Queen Mum might frown on mismatched tea cups but we know how to get a little wild around here, so why not have some fun with a veritable bouquet of different patterns?

Do you want formal or informal place settings? I'm a fan of informal myself (who needs more than one fork?), but if you are going for a High Tea vibe instead of the afternoon tea have a quick look online - there are so many Brit-approved resources on how to host a formal tea. You just KNOW they know their stuff.

Your finger sandwiches and jam-filled dainties are going to need a place to sit while they wait to get in your belly, and a multi-tiered tea tray, like ours below, is the quintessential British tea staple. Add in an array of silver platters and gorgeous coloured glass dainties bowls, and your scones are going to look down right delectable...almost too pretty to eat! Check out our supply of serving platters and tea trays to get your party started in style.

We already talked about the flowers, so go ahead and stick those spring blooms in a white vase - the white will match all your china, even if you've gone with mismatched tea cups, and will enhance the naturally bright colours of your flowers. Magnifique!

3. The Delicious Dainties

I need a pot of coffee, twelve jammy dodgers, and a fez! Any other Doctor Who fans out there? Oh, you know we're getting extra British up in here now!

All authentic High Teas need finger sandwiches, scones, and some baked sweets. We want this tea to be nothing but fun, so save yourself the stress and either order in (we'll never tell) or choose sandwich recipes that won't go soggy so you can make them ahead of time. My personal fav is egg salad or ham, cheddar, and cream cheese spread.

If you serve a peach tea, try making peach scones to complement your tea choice. Consider your overall theme and look as well. If you are using rose pattern china paired with soft pink peony centerpieces, keep that colour theme going through your selection of treats and offer up peach and strawberry jam to go with your scones, or a delish cherry tart to coordinate with the china pattern.

Hello there, cake. Don't mind if I do!

Adding champagne is a fun way to jazz up your tea service (we don't judge, it's 5 o'clock somewhere!), or if you want to get serious, a splash of Honey Jack Daniels is also delicious naughty little treat.

Most importantly, don't forget that this is Mom's day, so try to have her favourites on hand, and if that means that she loves Miss Vickies Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar chips like my Ma, then to hell with the rules and you go fill those dainties bowls with salty goodness!

Hope your tea party for Mom makes the Royals jealous (eat your heart out, Meghan).

Here's to Mom - You were right about everything.

Yours in vintage,