• Lindsay

Calling all Old Souls!

🙋‍ Hands up if you are an Old Soul searching for the perfect vintage decor to up level your party from "it was nice" to "that was amazing and so incredibly beautiful! I'm going to be talking about it for weeks"!

You know that the vintage revival trend is on fire 🔥 for 2019, and you ALSO know that your head table won’t be complete without that sweetheart set of matching 'His & Hers' Queen Anne chairs to really catch everyone’s attention.

You have looked everywhere trying to find just what you need, but you've had no luck because, let's face it, good vintage is hard to find and the vintage items you’ve seen for sale will put your wedding budget through the roof.

If you do manage to find what you are looking for, then you have to

☆ find someone to store it for you (sorry mom & dad!) ☆ transport it to your venue on the day (thanks mom & dad) ☆ bring it home again afterward (oh please, mom & dad?)

On top of that, what will you do with it after your Big Day has come and gone?

I hear you, girl!

What if I told you that you can have your wedding cake, and eat it too?

Beautiful, quality, authentic vintage and antique décor can be nearly impossible to find, and so expensive to purchase. Let me do the legwork for you! My goal is to help other ‘Old Souls’ out there to have the wedding of their dreams, whether that includes full-on vintage glam or just that signature piece that will have people talking for weeks after your event.

I take care of the procurement process, and once these items go into my lovingly curated inventory, I am able to offer these items to you at a fraction of the actual cost because I know that there is a whole community of women out there looking to add my special bit of vintage glamour to their events in a million different ways!

I know that weddings can come with a crazy amount of stress…I’ve been there, done that! I offer options for delivery and pick-up so that there is one less thing for you to worry about on your wedding day. I make sure that everything shows up right where it should be, exactly when it is needed, and then I take everything home at the end of the event. You, your family, and your guests get to enjoy your day without having to worry about a thing!

Here is where the fun begins…grab that cup of tea, curl up in your favourite cozy chair (go ahead, take some ‘me time’, you deserve this!), and have a browse through my carefully selected inventory at:

👉 www.rarevintagerentals.com👈

See something you simply must have? Awesome! Send me an email at info@rarevintagerentals.com or message me with your event date and what vintage goodies caught your eye, and we can start talking about how I can help make your day utterly one-of-a-kind with totally unique vintage décor.

Vintage glam starts with RARE Vintage Rentals.

Talk to you soon!