• Lindsay

6 Ways to Use Rental Decor to Create an Eco-Friendly Event

Gals, I have some bad news. Glitzy events, such as weddings, produce enormous amounts of waste…some estimates are as high as 400lbs of waster per average party. For real! The last thing you want on the day that marks the start of your life together with your partner is for it to also be the cause for so many décor and other wedding related items to meet the end of the line at the local landfill.

So, lets talk about green, baby! We have the top tips for you to make Mother Earth proud, and you’ll be hosting the freshest party around.

1. Rather than buying new décor for your event and throwing it away after the party is over, bring in the rentals! This not only supports local small business but also ensures that your wedding will be full of character and totally unique. The furniture and décor can go on being reused and loved, preventing unnecessary waste. Vintage rentals give a new life to old furniture, and is the complete essence of reuse, recycle, & upcycle!

2. Renting your linens (such as napkins, tablecloths, and runners) keeps paper and plastic out of the landfill and is so much more elegant…that’s a win-win for you and for nature!

3. Printed seating charts, seating cards, and programs are single use and just end up forgotten and tossed at the end of the night. Create an unforgettable first impression at your reception with a calligraphy artisan created hand painted seating chart on a rented window, mirror, glass, etc. It is utterly elegant, yet the writing can be cleaned off and the window or mirror lives another day to show guests to their proper table. Trés chic!

4. Rent tableware/glassware/cutlery instead of single use disposable tableware. You can even go a step farther and rent vases for your flowers instead of buying and tossing the generic glass ones that come from the florist. Just speak to your florist and arrange to provide the vases whenever they are needed to keep your flowers freshy fresh.

5. Big Box stores have a notoriously bad reputation for mass producing items unethically and in ways that are damaging to the environment. Supporting vintage rentals gives you peace of mind knowing that each of these re-loved pieces of furniture and décor have likely been crafted by skilled craftsmen, used for decades, and can be used for many years more. Not only that, but vintage items are one-of-a-kind and totally jaw-droppingly stunning in a way that cheap mass-produced things just can’t compete. Eat your heart out, Walmart!

6. Renting from a local company rather than ordering single use décor from cheap irresponsible overseas companies decreases your carbon footprint since your items travel a much shorter distance (and don’t require ships, trains, or semi-trucks) to arrive at your event, not to mention all the excess packaging required to ship items, and the chemical shit-storm required for so many modern production methods (yikes!).

Keep these tips in mind when planning your Big Day and you will reduce, reuse, & recycle your way into eco-friendly fantasy!

Yours in vintage,