• Lindsay

5 Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Spring is on the way (fingers crossed!), and we want to share our favourite ways to make sure that you pull off a fabulous outdoor wedding...rain or shine!

1. Have a Seat!

Make sure that you provide chairs or benches for your guests.

Weddings are an excuse for us ladies to pull out our flashiest heels - but traipsing around on the grass in them is a serious challenge (I don't offer lawn aeration for free!), and if you don't have readily available seating your guests will be uncomfortable. You don't want your Great-Aunt Gertrude to be left standing!

Benches are a great option to fit a lot of people in, and farmhouse chairs a great option to bring a vintage feel to your outside ceremony. You can bring in sofas, chairs, and end tables to create cozy little sitting areas all over your outdoor space so your guests can take a break from the funky chicken on the dance floor and do some catching up in comfort.

2. Put the Power in Your Hands.

A seriously gorgeous summer style is hanging chandeliers though out your outdoor ceremony space. Whether you are going with this chandelier chic style or will need electricity to power up evening lights, drink coolers, and speaker systems, you will want to check to make sure that your outdoor space has access to power.

3. Check the rain policy on your rentals.

Make sure you know all your wedding vendor contracts, and what they expect in the event of rain. Your rental furniture and decor likely has a clause stating that it cannot be used in inclement weather to protect the items, so if you have planned your wedding style around your rented decor make sure that you have a Plan B ready to go just in case!

4. Prepare for seasonal elements.

Rain, snow or shine, you want to make sure that your guests are comfortable. How about providing little season-appropriate baskets packed with sunscreen, bug spray, fans, or gorgeous vintage trunks stuffed with cozy blankets or umbrellas in the restrooms or another conspicuous location. Having a beautiful wedding is only half the battle of making sure that guests enjoy your day, the other half is making sure that they are comfortable and feel taken care of. Putting out little items like this can really put a wow factor in your event and have guests coming away with a positive reaction!

5. Decorate to Enhance the Natural Beauty Around You.

If you chose the great outdoors for one of the most important events of your relationship, then I'm guessing that you want to enjoy the splendour of Mother Nature!

Use decor that pulls attention to you and complements the beauty around you rather than something which blocks or hides the natural views. Raw wood elements like our Mountain Arch are a great way to showcase the surrounding nature while still drawing all your guests eyes to you for your "I Do's"!

Planning events outdoors are always a gamble (and the stakes are especially high here in Southern Alberta where the weather can change on a dime), but when you are prepared the payoff in visual style, overall vibe, and guest experience can be HUGE! If you keep these tips in mind and have a flexible plan that can account for last minute weather changes, and keep a positive attitude through whatever Mother Nature decides to pull, you'll have an amazing day no matter what!

Yours in Vintage,