Your Day, your way

Whether it is your wedding, baby shower, or birthday, your events should be uniquely representative of you and who you are.  We don't believe in 'cookie cutter' experiences so we are delighted to offer a suite of custom services to help you do you! 


We have several years prior experience in woodworking and custom painting services, and are more than happy to make your ideas come to life.  Custom painted wooden art sign for your bridal problem!  Rustic boho wedding arbour...we can build it!

We require six weeks notice for custom items, so contact us today for your consult.


We know that bringing your vision of your event to life can be difficult. 


It's your birthday but you can't find that perfect 'unicorn leaping over a rainbow' shaped charcuterie board that you've been dreaming problem!  This is why we offer custom design services! 


Bring us your ideas, and we will ensure that your event has those individual touches that really bring it over the top so it is unique to you and your personality.

Contact us today to set up your custom consultation.



We are happy to offer custom hand painted calligraphy services to make your day Pinterest perfect! 


Our antique farmhouse windows look totally gorgeous with a simple hand painted seating chart in white lettering on each pane of glass. 


We also provide hand painted wooden art signs, and you have the option of choosing a rustic barnboard sign, or a fresh wood stained or painted to your desired style. 


Custom orders are for keeps, so after your event is finished you still have a lasting reminder of your beautiful & amazing day!


We require a minimum of six weeks notice to complete a custom project for your event, so make sure that you book early to ensure that you get a spot. 


Each of our custom orders includes a consultation so that you have the opportunity to describe exactly what you want. 


To ensure that you are nothing less than thrilled with your final product, each of our custom consults include a mock up design of your custom art or build.  This allows us to make any changes you need so there are no surprises (except the "it looks better than I ever imagined" kind!) when you receive your final product.



You've got big plans for your event, and we can help!  Ask us about the big stuff, we've got it. 


Our years of experience in woodworking gives you the opportunity to ask for that reclaimed wood arch you've been dreaming about, or those rustic style benches for your family to sit on while they witness your "I Do" moment.


We do our best to accommodate all the incoming order requests, but we take great care and time to complete each order to the highest quality possible, so spots can be limited during busy seasons.  Make sure to book early so that you don't have to leave disappointed!

Simply contact us today to get your custom consult started!

“We had the pleasure of working with Lindsay for our summer garden wedding, as we were looking to have a customized seating chart made of a rustic window frame and hand-painted calligraphy. From the moment we were connected to Lindsay, we could tell that her attention to detail not only in her skill, but also in her customer service was outstanding. Lindsay consulted us on every option, from the style and colour of frame paint, to font types, to extra designs worked into the window, resulting in a one of a kind, perfectly customized seating chart.”

“Lindsay not only did all the restoration, design, and calligraphy herself, she also took the time to drop off the piece at our venue the day before and pick it up the day after. Lindsay was affordable, and the quality was extremely high. We had several guests comment on the beauty and uniqueness of the piece, and how perfectly it fit into our venue space.”

“Weddings can be very stressful, and Lindsay made this major piece of the decor fun and easy to coordinate, and we knew we could trust her craftsmanship from the beginning.


We were so happy with our seating chart, and we would recommend Lindsay to anyone looking for beautiful signage and displays for weddings, birthday parties, or other special functions. You will be so happy you found her!”


Stephanie and Daniel

Married July 14, 2018