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Hi!  I'm Lindsay and I am the collector and curator behind RARE Vintage Rentals. 


I am a self-proclaimed Tea Granny, Star Wars Aficionado, Rock Hound, and Nacho Connoisseur.   My wonderful husband very patiently endures my many quirks, and we both are totally wrapped around the paw of our sweet little dog, Indy.  Where her namesake, the great adventurer Indiana Jones, would face any challenge with a smirk and sarcastic remark, our Indy hates getting wet paws and hides whenever we get out the toaster.  Go figure. 


When we get the chance, we like to sneak away from the hustle and bustle of modern life with our 1972 Boler camper, which we adorably named Sweet Pea.  We fully restored the old girl a couple of years ago, and love bumping her down old country roads in search of some shady pines and a campfire for s'mores.  Other than that, you can usually find me cuddled up on the couch with my hubby watching a movie.  Well...pretending to watch a movie while actually scrolling Pinterest.  


On top of all that, I'm also an old soul  passionately searching for antiques with history.  I believe that everything has a story, and I love being able to restore these items for future use so that their stories will live on.  Every person who uses my items touches history and becomes a part of a story, and I love giving people the opportunity to wind their story into the long historical roots of my items. 


After all, "we're all stories in the end.  Just make it a good one, eh". 


We restore antique and vintage items to ensure that they will live on to be loved by future generations. 


We know that there are other old souls out there who just can't get enough of the feel of the smoothed and worn wood grain in a beautiful antique table or the smell of a vintage book, and are excited by the opportunity to touch a piece of history. 


This is why we do what we do.


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“We had the pleasure of working with Lindsay for our summer garden wedding, as we were looking to have a customized seating chart made of a rustic window frame and hand-painted calligraphy. From the moment we were connected to Lindsay, we could tell that her attention to detail not only in her skill, but also in her customer service was outstanding. Lindsay consulted us on every option, from the style and colour of frame paint, to font types, to extra designs worked into the window, resulting in a one of a kind, perfectly customized seating chart.”

“Lindsay not only did all the restoration, design, and calligraphy herself, she also took the time to drop off the piece at our venue the day before and pick it up the day after. Lindsay was affordable, and the quality was extremely high. We had several guests comment on the beauty and uniqueness of the piece, and how perfectly it fit into our venue space.”

“Weddings can be very stressful, and Lindsay made this major piece of the decor fun and easy to coordinate, and we knew we could trust her craftsmanship from the beginning.


We were so happy with our seating chart, and we would recommend Lindsay to anyone looking for beautiful signage and displays for weddings, birthday parties, or other special functions. You will be so happy you found her!”


Stephanie and Daniel

Married July 14, 2018